SYNC 9.7

The ultimate high-tech writing tool.

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JOT 4.5

Our newest LCD eWriter that goes everywhere you go.

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Boogie Board LCD eWriters

Sync 9.7

A digital notebook - and so much more

Jot 4.5

The pocket-sized eWriter

Original 8.5

The model that started a paperless revolution

Jot 8.5

Stylish memo pad replacements

Original 10.5

The largest display for more creativity

Say Goodbye to Paper

Internet tablets and smartphones haven't replaced legal pads and spiral notebooks. Boogie Board LCD eWriters will. It's all about the writing experience. Learn more

Just One Boogie Board eWriter Will Save Over 50,000 Sheets of Paper

(and a Lot of Trees)

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How do you Boogie?

Use a Boogie Board eWriter for almost any activity where you would use paper!

User Community Profile

Dr. Mark Hom, MD

We recently had a Boogie Board fan send us a couple of amazing illustrations on his new Boogie Board Original 8.5! Dr. Mark Hom from Virginia writes, "Your product is amazing! The touch sensitive surface and stylus make it easy to draw lines of different thickness, unlike a pencil, pen, or brush. . . . The fact that you cannot go back on a stroke makes you commit and draw with confidence. Also, you cannot covet your latest masterpiece....just hit the button and move on to the next." Thanks for sharing, Dr. Hom!

Want to share your Boogie Board masterpiece with us? Send them to and we'll feature them in our community gallery!

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